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25/11/2020Local ICT SMEs for Global MarketsCDC251120
19/11/2020IP Playbook for Going GlobalINT1911201
16/11/2020HKTDC Autumn Sourcing Week OnlineEXH1611201
6/11/2020SMEs Go Digital ICM Vendor Briefing: 6 November 202020200611
5/11/2020CXO In Conversation: Transformation of the Construction SectCXO0511201
4/11/2020EU Business Avenues SEA BuildTech Virtual Business MissionPAE0411201
2/11/2020Asia IoT Business Platform Vietnam 2020 (Virtual)MAP3009201
30/10/2020A Look into Speech TechAIHPC19820
29/10/2020Go International: Vietnam's ICT and Cloud LandscapeINT2910201
27/10/2020Go International: 5G in China and Biz Matching communityINT2710202
27/10/2020CXO In Conversation with Mrs Josephine Teo (Webinar)CXO2710201
26/10/2020Asia IoT Business Platform Thailand 2020 (Virtual)MAP0508201
19/10/2020Asia IoT Business Platform Indonesia 2020 (Virtual)MAP0209201
15/10/2020Cloud Appreciation Series: 3rd InstallmentCDC180620
14/10/2020Digital Trends in HROTHERS
12/10/2020Asia IoT Business Platform Philippines 2020 (Virtual)MAP2207201
7/10/2020GovWare Focus (Virtual)SUP0710201
5/10/2020Asia IoT Business Platform Malaysia 2020 (Virtual)MAP1404201
2/10/2020SMEs Go Digital ICM Vendor Briefing: 2 October 202020200210
1/10/2020Championing Food Safety through InnovationBCC0110201
29/09/2020ConnecTechAsia 2020 (Virtual)MAP0906201
28/09/2020EU Business Avenues SEA ICT Virtual Business MissionPAE2809201
28/09/2020TechLaw.Fest 2020 (Virtual)SUP2809201
23/09/2020Future of the Biomedical Industry with AIAIHPC0920
23/09/2020Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2020MAP2005201
18/09/2020Navigate Latin America Market OpportunitiesINT1809201
16/09/2020[Members Only] SGTech 39th Annual General MeetingAGM1609201
11/09/2020Cloud & Data and Singapore Enterprise Annual ChapterCDC110901
9/09/2020Digital Transformation & Smart Nation Annual Chapter MeetingDXC0909201
8/09/2020Collaboration Opportunities with Israeli Blockchain FirmsINT0809201
4/09/2020AIHPC & CSC Annual Chapter MeetingCSC0409201
4/09/2020SMEs Go Digital ICM Vendor Briefing: 4 September 202020200409