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23/09/2020Future of the Biomedical Industry with AIAIHPC0920
23/09/2020Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2020MAP2005201
18/09/2020Navigate Latin America Market OpportunitiesINT1809201
16/09/2020[Members Only] SGTech 39th Annual General MeetingAGM1609201
11/09/2020Cloud & Data and Singapore Enterprise Annual ChapterCDC110901
9/09/2020Digital Transformation & Smart Nation Annual Chapter MeetingDXC0909201
8/09/2020Collaboration Opportunities with Israeli Blockchain FirmsINT0809201
4/09/2020AIHPC & CSC Annual Chapter MeetingCSC0409201
4/09/2020SMEs Go Digital ICM Vendor Briefing: 4 September 202020200409
27/08/2020Go International - Entering China #5 (M&A)INT2708201
27/08/2020Improving Solution Security With GoSecure WebinarCSC2708201
25/08/2020Growth and Resilience in a Crisis20202508
21/08/2020Go International: High-Growth Potentials for VietnamINT2108201
20/08/2020SG:D Techblazer Awards 2020 - Nomination Briefing (4)TBA2006234
18/08/2020Go International: ICT Opportunities in the PhilippinesINT1808201
13/08/2020Go International - Entering China #4 (Trade)INT130820
7/08/2020SMEs Go Digital ICM Vendor Briefing: 7 August 202020200708
4/08/2020SG:D Techblazer Awards 2020 - Nomination Briefing (3)TBA2006093
30/07/2020Indonesia's Digital Economy: Opportunities for SG Tech FirmsINT3007201
29/07/2020China-Singapore (Chongqing) ICT Innovation And CollaborationINT2907201
29/07/2020Embracing the New Norm In Consumer BehavioursWEB2907201
28/07/2020Cyber Security Chapter: Cybersecurity Awareness WorkshopCSC2807201
24/07/2020SG:D Techblazer Awards 2020 - Nomination Briefing (2)TBA2005192
23/07/2020Go International - Entering China #3 (IP, Data Protection)INT2307201
22/07/2020Digital Transformation: Now, Next and BeyondWEB2207201
15/07/2020Partnering Industry to Re-engineer the Government’s OSSND0807201
13/07/2020Go International - Entering China #2 (Partnerships)INT1307201
7/07/2020SG:D Techblazer Awards 2020 - Nomination Briefing (1)TBA2005051
1/07/2020Developing AI & Sensors CapabilitiesSND0107201
26/06/2020Strengthening Capabilities with CloudSND2606201
25/06/2020Go International - Entering China #1INT2506201
22/06/2020Grow Digital, Go InternationalWEB2206201