Talent Initiatives: Temasek Polytechnic Learning Journey



SGTech gave an overview of the tech industry and encouraged 40 Diploma in IT students from Temasek Poly to use TalentGuru to explore various career pathways on 18 July 2018.

Following SGTech’s introduction, the first-year students toured the Launchpad, visiting InvestingNote, Insider Security, Pollinate and ICE71. With their first industry exposure, the startups shared their insights on FinTech and Cyber Security. Pollinate gave an introduction to kickstarting an entrepreneurial journey at their co-working space and ICE71 shared the objective of the region's first cyber security startup hub. 

Several students were keen to pursue a cyber security career and entrepreneurship after industry professionals shared exciting stories with them. 

On 20 July 2018, another group of 40 students from the same course, were given an overview of the cryptocurrency market in Singapore and Indonesia, hosted by Mining Rig Club. Excavate, a partner of Mining Rig Club, introduced the blockchain industry and its potential in Indonesia. The interesting and disruptive nature of the blockchain industry piqued many students’ interest to consider a future career in blockchain.

Subsequently, the CEO and Co-founder of Mining Rig Club, Leon Lim, shared how the company started its journey and students learnt about technology trends, blockchain in cryptocurrency and mining farms. In the sharing, students also discovered a community platform for cryptocurrency matters. Following the insightful sharing, students toured the mining rig farm where the rigs were stored in a cool environment and actively asked questions on the industry and farm. 

These learning tours allow SGTech to continue to build the talent pipeline for students to be interested in various areas in the technology scene and retain talent when they pursue a career in the industry after graduation. 

If your organisation is keen to train the next generation or open to hosting students, get in touch with us at talent@sgtech.org.sg

Published July 2018