Alliance Organisation was established in January 2000 based on the core values of Trust, Truth and Transparency and with the vision to be the preferred partner for its stakeholders, business associates, clients and strategic partners in financial advisory services

The Organisation provides comprehensive financial planning and advisory services to individuals and companies in risk management, estate planning and business continuity & succession.  It is valued highly for the quality of its business, with strong evidence in business growth and clientele base.  The Organisation has earned the accolades as the Top Organisation in General Insurance and Corporate Employee Benefits by AXA Insurance and Top honours in Life Insurance businesses.

The Organisation has built an experienced team of financial practitioners, with more than 300 years of combined experience with professional qualifications including Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC) and Certified Financial Planners (CFP). 

The Organisation has extensive networks and partnership with legal firms, accountants, healthcare providers and business professions and hence allows its business to provide all-rounder solutions to its clients and business associates.  It is much recognised for its excellent business achievements as well as high standards of professionalism and customer-centricity.