Graystone International Pte Ltd

Graystone International has developed a holistic i-CYBERWISE training program for the sole purpose of educating your employees and conditioning them to incorporate cyber hygiene in their routine work.

We bring corporate learning to life and pride ourselves on being different from others.

Key features of i-Cyberwise program:
  1. Phishing Simulations – We use realistic examples to mimic actual situations and identify vulnerable users. After the training, we will retest them to ensure that it is not only about education but to internalize training so that cyber safety is second nature to them.

  2. Animations – Using interesting and fast-paced short animations, abstract concepts are easily explained and more importantly, makes learning fun!

  3. Interactive – Active learning through user interaction is employed throughout the training, to maximise knowledge retention.

  4. Customisable – Depending on your requirements and environment, all our pre-built videos and content can be customized to suit your needs, providing a cost-effective solution with efficient turnaround time.

  5. Flexible Deployment – We provide the option of hosting the content in your own environment or with our cloud-based provider.

  6. Measurable – With our complimentary cloud-based learning management provider, all training programs are measurable and auditable.

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