Error 409: What’s the Solution behind the Problem? Unfolding Conversations 2018

With the push towards integrating technology in businesses to increase productivity, more companies have begun to create and integrate new hardware and software to fit their needs. However, when there’s unmet expectations between the client and the tech solution provider or disagreements over the incorporation of new technology, tech and non-tech companies alike may be left wondering – how do I fix this conflict?

Mock mediation by roleplayers

SGTech supported Unfolding Conversations, SMC (Singapore Mediation Centre)’s annual dinner and networking event. SGTech members and guests heard first hand from Justice Lee Seiu Kin, Supreme Court Judge, on why companies should consider mediation before litigation. Attendees also learnt about the mediation process by observing a role play based on a real- life tech contract dispute. With the use of CusJo’s intelligent AI software, guests also gained key insights from a panel of distinguished speakers, including SGTech’s Chairman Mr Saw Ken Wye, on their mediation experience and the benefits of mediation. 

Justice Lee Seiu Kin

As brought up in Justice Lee’s speech, the top ten global companies currently ranked by market capitalization are tech companies, and there has been a boom in the tech industry in recent years. He spoke of the dispute between Apple and Samsung over the patent for phone designs- disputes that have chalked up “hundreds of millions of dollars in legal costs”. With money and reputation on the line, Justice Lee encouraged attendees to consider the impact of disputes on businesses, and to choose mediation as the first option to resolve any legal dispute. He also highlighted the biggest cost for businesses should they choose to litigate- the time spent by senior management on preparing and going through the litigation process, time that could be better spent managing or expanding the business.

Where the dispute is the result of misunderstandings, or pride, mediation often offers a better solution than litigation. 70% of mediations at SMC are settled, with 90% settled within the day. The cost savings when compared to protracted litigation, is clear. At mediation, confidentiality of parties’ affairs is protected, parties are in control of proceedings and the outcome of mediation, and there is even a chance for parties to mend their relationship in the hands of a skillful mediator.

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Published Oct 2018