Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

On 23 February, the SGTech AI+HPC Pro-Tem Committee organized an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamp, supported by IBM. 

Industries across the globe are buzzing with excitement about AI in 2018. But beyond that excitement, many are left wondering - what is AI really capable of? How can AI improve business efficiency or enhance customer engagement? These are the questions addressed at the workshop. 

“Innovation is not invention..” -Tobias Brix, IBM

Tobias Brix, Vice Chairman of SGTech AI+HPC Pro-Tem Committee, welcomed participants to the event at IBM Studios, located in the heart of Singapore’s Business and Financial district. His opening address set a vibrant tone for the event and called for companies to collectively help drive the growth of this sector via membership and participation in the SGTech’s AI+HPC Pro-Tem Committee.

Participants were briefed on how to get started with AI. This topic was jointly presented by Laurence Liew, Director of AI Industry Innovation, AI Singapore and Sinisa Nikolic, AP Director of Cognitive Systems for Cloud, IBM. Talking points focused on the resources available for companies that need access to researchers for AI projects. Additionally, AI Singapore offers funding support to engage subject matter experts and industry talent. 

In a case-study style presentation, Ho Yuek Chan, Senior Client Technical Professional of IBM Analytics, demonstrated the practical applications of AI for insurance claims. During the traditional claims process, information can take days to collect and validate. With the use of AI technology, that process can be expedited. Increased efficiency drives business objectives, while also enhancing the customer experience. 

In addition to other speaker presentations, the event featured a panel discussion on ‘Co-creation and Partnerships in an Era of AI’ which included Benjamin Mah, Director of WO Digital Pte Ltd; Laurence Liew, Director of AI Industry Innovation, AI Singapore; Tobias Brix, Business Unit Executive of IBM Watson Asia Pacific and Kaylan Madala, CTO of IBM Cloud & Solutions, IBM Asean, as moderator. The availability of talent as a key concern for businesses executives and entrepreneurs was addressed by the panel in a lively and engaging discussion.  

To close the event, all attendees enjoyed a mass lo hei to celebrate the lunar new year.

We thank IBM for the sponsorship of the bootcamp and IBM Studios for the venue

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Published March 2018