Employer Spotlight: Iota Medtech

Building the next generation digital health platform


Iota Medtech is a healthtech company that leverages digital technologies and AI to advance people’s health and safety. Iota Medtech’s founding team includes experienced professionals from the telecommunications and insurance industries, as well as medical specialists, who believe that digital technologies and AI can transform the healthcare industry. The company achieved significant milestones since its founding, and it is on an expansion path to grow in the South East Asia region. 

Covid-19 accelerated digitisation in the healthcare industry. Suddenly, doctors and patients were forced into a situation where alternatives to face to face consultations had to be explored. In response to this need, Iota Medtech launched a next generation telehealth platform that enabled patients seeking care from specialists to connect with them virtually and safely from their homes.   


In June 2019, Iota Medtech signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) to develop a priority sorting system for patients with head injuries who require brain scans. The priority sorting AI system will ensure that patients requiring urgent medical attention are treated as quickly as possible. 

Partnership with the NNI and SingHealth

Revolutionising the healthcare industry

Iota Medtech envisions a future where their digital and AI platform plays a significant role in assisting clinicians while improving patient outcomes. Although there is a global shortage of medical specialists like radiologists, the Iota Medtech team believes that this shortage can be alleviated with their digital and AI technology.

Less hierarchy, more autonomy
Working in the innovation space, the management team has created a culture which has less hierarchy and more autonomy. This results in a working environment that promotes creativity and a sense of ownership amongst employees. Mr Hong proposes an end goal for each project, and challenges the team to find ways to reach that goal. In this way, they are able to voice out and develop their own ideas. He wants to nurture a generation of problem-solvers, and not just a herd of followers who play things safe. The interns at Iota Medtech have found themselves transformed at the end of the internship because of the unique experience. Mr Hong’s ultimate goal is to build a team that is not afraid to try new ideas and solutions. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, students were forced to stop their overseas internships halfway and return to Singapore. When Mr Hong was approached by a local university to help in this situation, he was delighted that one of the interns returning from overseas, Jazreel Low, decided to continue her internship with Iota Medtech.  

During the Circuit Breaker, the idea generation sessions were conducted online.

Empowered to make a difference
Jazreel Low, the Product Management intern in charge of telehealth products, seeks to bring ideas from the drawing board to reality. Her unique position allows her to be involved in many aspects of the company operations, from ideation and creation, to the launch of a product. Even though she is an intern, she is empowered to make a difference in the company as her decisions influence and shape products. This in turn fuels her passion for health and medical technology.

As Jazreel shared, “I was able to meet and talk to potential customers and health tech entrepreneurs which gave me a broader and in-depth understanding of the Medtech industry. I could not have gained the same valuable knowledge in school.”

Besides honing her product development skills, she has also improved her project management and communication skills. By working with a team from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, she is also able to constantly learn from her colleagues.

Iota was selected from a pool of Singapore companies to join the 500 start-ups accelerator programme in San Francisco.

The company expects to hire more interns, especially in software engineering, sales and marketing, as the company plans on scaling up the sales of its products. As a member of the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) since 2018, Iota Medtech continues to welcome interns who are willing to grow and make a difference in the healthcare industry.


Website: https://www.iotamedtech.com/

Published August 2020

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