Employer Spotlight: Arcadier

From being interns to being an integral part of Arcadier


Arcadier is the world’s fastest-growing online marketplace builder. It is the recognized global leader of multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace technology, with users from more than 180 countries. Founded in 2013 in Singapore by ex-senior PayPal executives, the team of 60 is currently split across offices in 5 countries - Singapore (HQ), Australia, Philippines, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Arcadier enables Large Enterprises, SMBs, Governments and Start-Ups to build their own white-labelled marketplaces efficiently and cost-effectively. Arcadier’s platform is highly customisable and supports various eCommerce models including B2B, B2C, P2P, Service, eProcurement & Rental across industry verticals such as retail, consumer goods, commodities, wholesale, manufacturing and services. Recently, Arcadier launched its Arcadier Enterprise offering, focused on enabling large corporations, trade associations, multi-brand retailers and shopping malls to create complex marketplace experiences for their businesses. 

Arcadier's track record and reputation was instrumental in it being chosen by the United Nations to build an online pharmaceutical marketplace to defeat non-communicable diseases around the world in 2018. The marketplace aims to enable the cost-effective and efficient provision of essential NCD supplies to national NCD programmes in low-resource countries. It will support the Defeat-NCD Partnership, a Private-Public-People Partnership aimed at tackling non-communicable diseases, which claim more than 41 million lives each year, equivalent to 71% of all deaths globally. 

Finalist, 2016 Emerging Enterprise Award Ceremony

Making the world a better place
Working at Arcadier is more than just receiving paychecks and enjoying awesome perks. It’s about sharing a common vision of shaping the world for the better, by democratising marketplace technology in order to new opportunities, improving local economies, inspiring artists, and bringing communities together. Arcadier also provides registered non-profit organisations with a free four-month subscription to its Basic marketplace package. Organisations that have benefited include religious, educational, scientific, social enterprises, and community organisations that are looking to create an online marketplace that serves the common good. Besides building marketplaces for businesses, Arcadier marketplaces can also be used for fundraising events and projects like school bake sales, or as a permanent online platform for community markets or volunteerism. 

Giving everyone a voice
Arcadier prides itself on having an open and frank culture. The team believes in having no secrets, and cultivates a relaxed atmosphere, with lots of jokes flying around the office. The management team intentionally creates opportunities for employees to speak, as they strongly believe in giving everyone a voice. Starting right from the onboarding process, Kenneth Low, the COO and co-founder of the company, makes sure he gets in touch with every new employee. Instead of merely reading pages of company history or listening to standard presentations, the new joiners are asked to create their own marketplaces using both Arcadier and competitor platforms. By getting first hand experience of the company’s main product, the new recruits develop an in-depth understanding of Arcadier from the consumer's perspective. They are also asked for suggestions to improve the product, giving them an immediate sense of ownership and responsibility. They also provide a fresh perspective that can help uncover blind spots within the team.

As Kenneth says, “You never know where the next great idea will come from.”

Angelhack Hackathon Competition Event Co-Sponsor


Crucial responsibilities for everyone
The Arcadier management is always looking for ways to empower their team. The management takes note of each intern’s interests and tries to make sure that relevant work is assigned to them. There are no 'filler' jobs here, and each member of the team, even new interns, is entrusted with crucial responsibilities. This, in turn, accelerates the learning process.

Working closely with seasoned founders
Hesson Mak is a Senior Business Development Manager who has just converted to full-time employment after his 6 months internship with Arcadier. He was keen to join a Singapore-based startup with an innovative culture, and Arcadier did not disappoint. For example, their policy is that there should be no time spent on creating pretty PowerPoint presentations for internal team discussions, just draw it, take a picture and send! He particularly treasures his experiences with the seasoned founders as he was able to get valuable insights into how they think and work. This was only possible because the founders consistently put in the effort to connect with each individual employee, including interns. Hesson is grateful for the hands-on experience that has helped him develop his own working style. 

Acquiring useful and transferable skills
Apart from Hesson, 80% of the Singapore team in Arcadier have also converted to full-time after their internships. Kenneth believes that internships are an essential talent acquisition channel for Singapore startups and SMEs, as the playing field is somewhat more level when talent is applying for internships. In contrast, it is more difficult to fight with the big names in tech for full-time roles. Therefore, Arcadier sees each intern they have as an important contributor to the growth of the company, and they invest heavily in the interns' personal development. This has paid off as many interns have returned to join them full-time, sometimes giving up higher salaries or jobs at companies with greater prestige.  

Summer Internship Batch of 2019


Arcadier is relatively new to the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT), but with the help of SGTech, it has found the application process relatively fuss-free. Arcadier expects the number of interns sourced through the channel to grow as the scheme continues to expand and gain traction, and is looking forward to working with their future interns to help turn them into global-ready talent.



Website: https://www.arcadier.com/

Published August 2020

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