Employer Spotlight:ClayOps

A familial team with learning ingrained in the culture

ClayOPS is an analytics professional services firm that helps companies use data effectively and efficiently. They work with their clients to break down data silos across disparate systems to access, analyse, relate and visualize to transform into information and insights that drive purposeful action. 

Over the past 10 years, the company has built an impressive portfolio of clients that spans Technology, Retail, FMCG, Education, Public Sector, FSI, Pharmaceutical and Oil Trading with 80% global corporations and 20% Large Local Enterprises and Public Sector Organisations. With their methodology, ClayOPS is able to impact their clients regardless of the industry they are in.

Learning in a family
The ClayOPS team culture resembles that of a family. A natural camaraderie exists between employees, and they genuinely want to help each other improve. The company is structured to foster this spirit. The team conducts fortnightly knowledge sharing – informal sessions where people get into a room and share how they solve problems. Beyond that, team lunches, weekly team meetings, and birthday celebrations are regular interactions that keep the team going. As COVID-19 unfolded, birthday celebrations continued, but were moved online. Cake gets delivered and songs are sung over video conferences. The founders believe in the importance of human interaction, of which such activities are a major component.

Annual Chinese New Year Lunch - Food is always a good way to get people together.

Learning is a key aspect of the organisation, be it concerning data, teams and dealing with customers. Employees frequently have 1-on-1s with their team leads or the founders. For interns, these are usually triggered by the questions they have. These 1-on-1 conversations usually last 15 minutes. During these regular interactions, questions are answered and experiences are shared as part of the learning process.

Development opportunities are on the horizon as the company is looking to get employees certifications. As the team grows, they look to develop their employees so they can scale effectively. Interns can expect ample learning opportunities – former intern Yuan Kang (SMU) received “plenty of opportunities as an intern” and guidance from his supervisor and colleagues whenever he faced problems or challenges. He was able to apply what he learned about stakeholder management in school through interactions with clients and users, ensuring he addresses the requests from them.

Attitudes that drive success
Employees at ClayOPS are hungry and anxious to grow and learn. Inquisitive individuals would thrive in this environment – the mentality is that if you don’t ask, you don’t learn. Team members are encouraged and expected to ask questions to gauge their understanding and continue developing in the right direction. 

Company Kick Off in 2019 - A time to take a break, recap the year's achievements and plan for the following year

During the recruitment process, candidates take a technical proficiency test to see how far they are from the baseline. However, the founders believe attitude is far more important than technical abilities. They assess candidates on their potential for growth, and not just starting capabilities.

Interns that make an impact
Interns at ClayOPS become functional members of the team quickly. They can expect to go through the same learning curve and experiences as fresh graduates. Learning opportunities are plentiful, and interns are expected to deliver impactful results with the new knowledge they gain. 

Most interns come with technical specialisations, but leave ClayOPS with increased business acumen and other soft skills. Yuan Kang reflected that the most memorable experience he had in ClayOPS was the “opportunity to interact with clients and users and learn about stakeholders and clients management.” The ability to apply technical skills learnt in school to fit the use cases requested by clients and stakeholders was an invaluable aspect of the internship as well.

After work bonding session - Getting Fit Together!

ClayOPS is part of the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT), which has helped them gain traction with potential interns. They have benefitted from an increased selection of talent through the programme. As they look to grow, GRT will continue to be a key source of interns for the ClayOPS team.


Website: https://clayops.com/

Published September 2020

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