Working from Home in The Isolation Economy: Managing your Employees Remotely

What do business owners need to know about helping employees stay productive without micro-managing, while supporting employee mental wellness? SGTech gathered some member companies who have embarked early on the Remote Working model, to share their experiences and best practices. 

Key Takeaways for Managing your Employees Remotely

Mr Eugene Goh, Co-Founder of TalentKraft, touched on the logistics required for remote working and shared how his company made use of collaboration tools such as and SalesScreen to coordinate work and keep employees motivated. You can find more considerations and solutions for remote working here.


Tools for Remote Working

Transform your management workflow

Eugene highlighted that management should be open and flexible about how employees work remotely. Management can help employees by prioritising tasks or re-allocating workload. 

Review and transform your management workflow

Take charge of your employees’ well being

Ms Shane Yan and Ms Shamantha Yan, Co-Founders of Growthbeans, noted that other than leading teams and allocating tasks, leaders also need to ensure their employees’ well-being. While there have been some small wins for remote working, they pointed out that some of the pitfalls of remote working include adverse effects on psychological, emotional and social well-being.  

Productivity and Morale can be affected by WFH


A Leader needs to provide the human touch 

Shane and Shamantha shared six tips on how leaders can support their teams. For one, Shane suggested that if budget allows, leaders can order lunches to team members or employees’ homes for occasional informal lunches for social bonding. Similarly, Eugene recommended having regular pulse checks on employees.

Support your team during WFH

You can catch the webinar recording to find out other ways to support and manage your employees during this Circuit Breaker period. 

You may also wish to download the presentation slides here:
Presentation Slides by GrowthBeans
Presentation Slides by TalentKraft

More to come

This webinar is part of SGTech’s “The Isolation Economy” series to help SMEs and startups tide over the current challenges. Please look out for the other webinars in this series.

Published Apr 2020