TraceTogether and BlueTrace Codebase are now Open Source!

The TraceTogether app , created by GovTech to aid contact tracing in Singapore, attracted a lot of interest after its launch on 20 Mar 2020.
GovTech has open-sourced the codebase for both TraceTogether and the underlying BlueTrace protocol, to accelerate the deployment of community-driven contact-tracing solutions within and outside Singapore.

Using the BlueTrace Protocol

If you are building a contact-tracing or other solution that can be enhanced by incorporating a feature riding on this technology, please go to the BlueTrace website to access:

  1. A policy brief (intended for governmental leaders and policymakers) on TraceTogether.
  2. A white paper (intended for a technical audience) providing an overview of TraceTogether’s underlying protocol, BlueTrace. BlueTrace is designed with interoperability in mind and can enable cross-border contact tracing through a federation model.
  3. A GitHub repository containing the source code for OpenTrace, the reference implementation of the BlueTrace protocol. This comprises the codebase for an iOS app, an Android app, and a cloud-based backend service.
  4. Specifically for Singapore, a calibration table of measured BLE advertisement signal strength at specified distances, for selected popular models of smartphones

The materials are licensed under GNU GPLv3.

If you have questions about the protocol and interoperability provisions, GovTech can help address them at . When your BlueTrace-participating implementation is ready, GovTech also appreciates a heads-up so that they can list it at .


We are also appealing to members who 

  • have access to mobile devices and/or testing facilities, or
  •  are handset manufacturers or distributors
to consider contributing to the calibration table at the GitHub repository.


Published Apr 2020