Stay Healthy, Go Digital in The Isolation Economy: Resources & Solutions to help Businesses Work from Home including Government Grants & Support

How do you optimise Remote Working, Stay Healthy and yet Go Digital? 

SGTech Co-opted Councillor Mr Ivan Chang, together with Covering Deputy Director for SMEs Go Digital (IMDA) Ms Chen Jia’en presented in a webinar held on 24 April. Ivan discussed the 3As that businesses can refer to facilitate Remote Working. Jia-en shared on the resources at both Individual and Business level for overcoming the physical inconveniences brought on by COVID-19, so that we can all carry on life digitally. 

Facilitating Remote Working in the Isolation Economy 

Ivan shared that Remote Working is just a glimpse into what the Future of Work may be. Technology is continuously redefining how Work can be executed, and the impact may be felt in the next five years.

Working from Home vs Future of Work

Ivan emphasised the importance of the 3As to help the Workforce Work From Home (infographic)


3As to Help the Workforce Work from Home


Resources to Stay Healthy, Go Digital

Jia’en shared about the resources available to individuals and businesses.

For individuals, GoWhere provides guides and resources for shopping, learning and finding entertainment online.


For businesses, Businesses Go Digital curated a list of resources for digitalisation. The listings range from services that are provided free, options that are supported by Government Grants, and Limited time offers by the respective providers.

You can catch the webinar recording to find out other ways to support and manage your employees during this Circuit Breaker period. 

You may also wish to download the presentation slides:
Presentation Slides by SGTech
Presentation Slides by IMDA  

We thank our partners, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Singapore Business Federation (SBF) for making this event possible.

More to come

This webinar is a part of a series, "The Isolation Economy", through which SGTech shares useful information and resources with SMEs and startups. Please view the list of upcoming webinars

Published Apr 2020