SertifiGate Services is a company specialized for public key infrastructure integration of automation and process control systems. The company provide both products and service in this area, from pure consulting, to complete installation and integration services. With its end to end solutions, SertifiGate can provide customers with a complete consultancy, supply and assistance service.

e-nitial is developed and owned by SertifiGate Services, a complete cloud-based solution for digital document signing service. It is designed to provide a seamless experience for enterprises to manage their digital documents securely that is accessible through a dedicated application designed for all platforms, including desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Their service can be integrated with any of existing application using our simple RESTful API. It is also compliant with Industry standard for digital signatures (ISO32000, ISO19500, PAdES, XAdES & CAdES). Any PDF reader can be used to verify the signatures in the document.

Integrated with multiple Global CA, like Entrust and GlobalSign, e-nitial ensures all the documents are signed using publicly trusted digital identities, for trusted and compliant digital signatures. This includes signing, certificate issuance, key management, timestamping, and integrations with external identity verification services.


Published May 2020