Concordiar – the modern solution for capturing, developing,and prioritising ideas. An Innovation Management Platform  specifically designed to introduce the agile and design thinking methodology into any organisation. 

Concordiar platform is focused on providing an intuitive interface to make innovation fun & engaging. Use goal-specific idea competitions to enable every part of your organisation to easily contribute ideas to your innovation process. Concordiar is cloud-based, making idea creation instantly accessible from any device, at any time. 

Whether you are looking for opportunities to introduce newproducts for your existing portfolio, or improving your day-to-day operations, Concordiar is the innovation management tool you need for a successful innovation process. Engage your workforce on an entirely new level, providing them the infrastructure to have a voice that goes beyond the conference rooms,building a sense of belonging and boosting your talent retention. 

Concordiar’s analytics dashboard generates real-time data and insights to track your innovation programmes, reporting your innovation ROIs such as potential revenue gains and cost savings, enabling you with the information to make smart decisions.



Published on Dec 2020