IP Playbook for Going Global

SGTech, IMDA and IPOS International jointly organised a webinar titled “IP Playbook for Going Global” on 19 November 2020. The session invited Mr Eric Khoo from IPOS International to share insights into the best practices and tips for owning and protecting intangible assets. 

Key Takeaways

Mr Khoo started the webinar by going through the classification of tangible assets and intangible assets. He also provided an overview of how businesses can protect the various types of Intellectual Property (IP) that they own.

He elaborated on how IP can be viewed as a vehicle in the Innovation Lifecycle as ideas are taken to the market. When strategically and effectively used, IP can enhance an enterprise’s competitive edge by facilitating growth and creating success in reaching the intended market. IP provides financial opportunities like sale, licensing and business partnerships.



With the protection of patents and trademarks a top concern for companies entering foreign markets, Mr Khoo summarised the various patent and trademark regulations in the Southeast Asia region. 


To better cater to the individual company, IPOS International is offering complimentary consultations for companies on how they can protect their intangible assets.   

To get the full sharing, you can catch the webinar recording.

 You may also wish to download the presentation slides here:
Presentation Slides by IPOS International

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More to come

With travel curtailed temporarily, now is the opportunity to take stock and make plans for your company’s internationalisation. Please join our upcoming sessions to learn valuable information for your preparation.
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Published Nov 2020