Employer Spotlight: Taiger

An international team with an emphasis on growth and empowerment


TAIGER is one of Asia's most valuable and fastest-growing AI companies. Their mission is to help organisations enhance operational efficiency by automating complex cognitive tasks. They specialise in advanced AI-engineered information access and extraction solutions for industry leaders in financial services and the government - significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency for their clients. Founded in 2015 in Singapore, they have deployed over 30 use cases in 8 industries with major players around the world like Otkritie Bank, Macquarie, Banco Santander,  AIA Group, and over 20 agencies within Singapore Government. Solutions are also fully accredited by IMDA Singapore, which expedites the procurement process for Singapore government agencies. TAIGER is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Dubai, Spain and Mexico City with an international team of over 130 people. 

(Celebrating the team's successes in 2019)


TAIGER is a multiple award-winning company. It was recognised as an IDC Innovator in AI in 2019, a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2017 and has also garnered awards from industry leaders such as Citi, Red Herring, and many others for its achievements in redefining the future of artificial intelligence. The company holds multiple patents in information access. 

Making homes great again
Howie Lau, the Assistant Chief Executive of Media and Innovation at IMDA, commends the efforts of TAIGER’s #makehomesgreatagain initiative, which he says “complements national efforts to help Singaporeans live their life as normally as possible through digital technology.” A chatbot ‘Ask Phoebe’ was created to offer social distancing-friendly activity ideas during the pandemic, whilst also helping businesses market their services. TAIGER’s marketing team also took the initiative to deliver food to migrant workers who are in transit, demonstrating TAIGER’s commitment to helping the community in times of need. 

"We are proud to be amongst 10 innovative companies highlighted by The Business Times that are helping citizens and businesses thrive in COVID-19. Currently, MCCY is integrating our chatbot on sgunited.gov.sg to extend COVID related communications in a timely, reliable and personal way to more citizens," said Joshua Kwah, Global Head of Marketing.

Global exposure for employees
As a company with global presence, TAIGER has a multicultural mix of individuals working together to create a diverse and inclusive international environment. There is global exposure in almost every project they do, through collaborations with their offices in Madrid, Dubai, Mexico City or New York. This provides employees with valuable international exposure as they grow into global ready talents. 

(Together through thick & thin amidst a Global Pandemic)


Meeting the needs of the team - employee wellbeing programmes
TAIGER has also invested in its employee wellbeing programme, ensuring that each employee is taken care of physically and mentally. A pulse survey was done to understand how employees are feeling working remotely and the results were shared with the whole company. Sensing that many were feeling disconnected, the HR and management team immediately came up with measures and activities to encourage interactions. They launched TAIGER Together, where 5 to 6 people from different teams get together and talk about their week, making sure even the new employees get to meet the rest of the company. There is an ongoing Instagram challenge with rotating themes, and the winner of each challenge wins prizes. Other than these new measures, TAIGER is continuing with their usual brown bag sessions, which are ground-up initiatives held about 4-6 times per quarter. Finally, to encourage healthy living, everyone is encouraged to use a running app, Strava, to track their exercise, and the company actually recorded 1400km in a month, or almost 10km per person! 

(Health & Wellbeing comes first)

Seamless remote onboarding process
TAIGER has taken steps to adjust their processes for the pandemic. Marcus Tan, Strategy intern in the CEO office, spoke to us about his remote onboarding process. As part of the latest batch of interns joining the company in May, Marcus has not physically met the rest of the team despite working on various projects in the past month. However, he is grateful for the seamless onboarding experience that had him starting to build investor decks and liaising with various investors within the first few weeks. To accelerate his learning, the team constantly updates Marcus on what they are doing, to make sure he is learning from the whole team, and not just from his own projects. To further enhance his internship experience, Marcus’s manager, Nidhi Singh, Strategy Director, makes it a point to explain every piece of information that is passed to him to prevent him feeling like the recipient of a giant information dump. Marcus enjoys the fast-paced working environment and he always feels like he has grown at the end of each day.

As Marcus says, “In TAIGER, you will not be a cog in the wheel. If you like responsibility, then join TAIGER.”


An emphasis on growth and empowerment
Samuel Wong, AI Engineer Intern, also told us about his one month experience working remotely at TAIGER. The first thing he noticed was the well-developed knowledge sharing culture. It is always easy for him to retrieve the information he needs, even from past projects, and the team often takes the initiative to share with him about their own projects. When Samuel is stuck, he is able to get advice not just from his own manager or his project team, but also from the rest of the department, as they are always willing to share their past experiences with similar issues. Although TAIGER has grown exponentially in the past few years, the company has worked to retain the startup spirit, where growth and empowerment is the focus. As a computer science major who will start his penultimate year in a few months, Samuel is glad that his manager actually sought his opinion on his interest during the interview stage and he was put on another project that gives him in-depth exposure to the deep tech industry which he is passionate about. 

(Learning from one another through "Brownbags")

The way the team works together is critical for TAIGER. That is why the management team prioritises cultural fit in their recruitment efforts.

 "TAIGER is rooted firmly in each market it sets foot on. Our strength comes from the diverse and unique capabilities of each individual coming together with a common mission to help organizations reduce systemic operational costs through augmenting our AI in their work processes. Our inclusive, meritocratic and high performance culture are the reasons why we attract both top talents and clients since day one," said founder and CEO Dr Sinuhè Arroyo


By partnering closely with SGTech's Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) team, TAIGER hopes to meet new interns and expand the deep tech expertise of the next generation of Singapore tech talent.


Website: https://taiger.com/

Published August 2020


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