Employer Spotlight: StaffAny 

Transforming the future of hourly work

StaffAny is an hourly workforce management company that was founded in early 2018. StaffAny's vision is to enable a connected workforce that empowers people in the hourly work industry through technology, built on the basis of trust and transparency. The company empowers today's connected workforce through the provision of a data-driven approach to managing hourly workers.

StaffAny was co-founded by four friends - Janson Seah, Jeremy Hon, Lee Kai Yi and Eugene Ng. The founders met through the National University of Singapore (NUS) Overseas Colleges (NOC) Programme in Silicon Valley and started the company with the intention of bringing their solution to both the local and regional markets.

Journey of StaffAny
As part of their growth strategy, the company participated in the 2019 Echelon Asia Summit Singapore TOP100 competition, and won - this helped build StaffAny's profile as a company to watch. It also raised a $1 million seed round led by technology investment company FreakOut Holdings in 2019. When the choppy waters of COVID-19 hit in 2020, the team launched a mobile application that helps companies ease back into operations as they emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns. Their solution, CICO (Clock-In, Clock-Out), combines elements of the StaffAny workforce management solution and the government’s SafeEntry digital check-in requirement, enabling staff to work safely without having to spend time logging in and out of multiple apps. 

Uniquely Singapore with a hint of US influence
StaffAny describes itself as a company that is uniquely Singapore, but with a hint of influence from the US. Having previously worked in US startups, the founders were inspired by the work culture there and committed to create a company with an open culture to encourage innovation and creativity. 

Every employee is a star
StaffAny has built a team of go-getters who strive relentlessly to meet their objectives. The team is built on trust and the founders strongly believe that every employee is a star who has what it takes to make StaffAny a better place. Work hours are not determined by the clock, but by your impact and performance. Even before Covid-19, StaffAny was already practising flexible work arrangements, with employees working from home every Wednesday. The management is more concerned about the quality of work, accountability and communication. They believe the team they have put together is aligned to their mission and does not need micromanagement.

The founders are committed to each employee’s growth and engage in one-on-ones on a biweekly basis. Apart from work-related issues, these sessions include employee agenda items such as detailed discussions of personal growth or casual conversations on how their week has been going. Each employee's wellbeing is of high priority to the founders and they go the extra mile to help every step of the way. 

Accelerated and diverse learning experience
This dedication is highly appreciated by the team.

“My development is of great importance to the founders”  - Auston, Account Executive at StaffAny

Auston started his journey with StaffAny in August 2019 as an intern and started full-time in 2020. As a fresh graduate, despite having many other alternatives, he made the decision to join StaffAny as his first job. In fact, Auston dropped out of his honours program to work full-time with StaffAny! He was convinced during his time overseas (NOC) that he will be able to learn more with StaffAny than anywhere else as it provides the accelerated learning he craves. StaffAny provided him with a strong leadership and mentorship culture, where he gets to learn alongside the founders and make important decisions with them. He has also worked on enterprise-level deals, which he is unlikely to have done so early in his career if he was at another company. Personal development-wise, Auston mentioned that expectations are set right from the start to make sure that his goals are aligned with the company’s. 

Making a big difference in a small company
Julian is another intern who started his internship with StaffAny in early 2019. With a year’s gap before he graduated, he did his final year project on his internship experience with StaffAny, and he has since returned as a full-time member. Julian saw great potential for personal growth when he interned at StaffAny and knew that he wanted to come back. Compared to other internships he had done, he was particularly attracted by the trust placed in him. As a software engineer, Julian knew that forgoing a big name tech firm to join a startup would be a gamble. But he is convinced that he has made the right bet, as he has found the experience tremendously fulfilling. He has also found this to be a common sentiment amongst his colleagues.

The StaffAny team, including the founders, is made up primarily of fresh graduates like Auston and Julian. At any point of time, the team has 3 to 4 interns, making up a quarter of the team. Co-founder Janson strongly believes in the intern culture as interns typically have a high capacity to learn, which is essential for the growth of a startup. Interns may also get to travel overseas for exposure as the company establishes its presence abroad. 

StaffAny has been on board the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT)  since 2018 and has had great experiences with the 10 interns thus far. With the company’s rate of growth, the demand for interns will rise, and GRT is a key piece of their people strategy. Interns not only play a significant part to the growth story, but are often converted and continue their journey as full-timers after their GRT journey. StaffAny looks forward to the reception and development of hungry and driven interns via the continued participation in GRT.

Website: https://www.staffany.com/

Published August 2020

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