Employer Spotlight: Sealed Network

The Expert Network of Southeast Asia and Beyond

Founded in 2019, Sealed Network is a venture-backed startup which has received 7-digit venture funding. Sealed’s backers include Far East Ventures (venture capital arm of Far East Organization), Koh Boon Hwee (former Chairman of DBS) and co-founder of PropertyGuru Steve Melhuish amongst other institutional and angel investors. Sealed operates in the expert network space – an industry that connects clients with experts for market research or due diligence purposes. Their clients include strategy consulting and investment firms, which typically purchase phone calls with experts by the hour. The expert network space is a rapidly growing one, reportedly growing at 20% annually [1].

Opportunities to learn and contribute to a rapidly growing company
“I find the opportunity of joining a business on the cusp of "exploding" to be very exciting." Nicholas, Business Development Intern.

Sealed is a company in a fast-growing industry. Interns are given the special opportunity to make a significant difference at a critical juncture of the company’s growth, with the ability to work on real world projects. Not only are they valued because of the tight-knit team culture,  Sealed also actively encourages their interns to speak up!  The tight-knit team culture ensures that interns are valued and feel comfortable to share their ideas, questions and feedback. Everyone’s opinions, even interns’, are heard and considered. 

“The culture of Sealed revolves around open communication, work excellence and mentoring. Both co-founders are strong believers in mentorship and our personal growth. I was able to see the different aspects of the company and see first-hand the challenges of running a company." - Jocelyn, Research Intern.

Interns are split into core business functions as well as support functions like HR and marketing. While they do a little bit of everything besides sales, they can choose to either be a generalist or specialist, with interns such as UI/UX designers falling into the latter category. Interns are given responsibilities in different areas, allowing them to experience and learn about the different functions within the company. Of course, this is apart from interns who may prefer to specialise in areas of their core skill sets, such as UI/UX designers.

Building your professional network
As an expert network, Sealed sees value in helping its interns grow their professional networks. Interns at Sealed get to learn about the end-to-end cycle of lead generation, cold/warm pitches and negotiations. By the time the internship ends, they would have usually built a formidable personal network of executives in various industries. This gives Sealed interns a unique advantage: the power of getting to know their future employers or meet potential mentors. This is incredibly valuable, considering that a LinkedIn survey found that 85% of jobs are filled via networking. As the founders believe strongly in personal growth, the company encourages interns to leverage the firm’s contacts to build up their personal network.

Sealed also values the relationships which newcomers establish with their fellow team members. As a young company, Sealed puts great emphasis on fostering a supportive culture as part of the company’s DNA. Former business development intern Nicholas recalls fondly, , “a memorable moment for me was the first time the team met up in person. It was one of the co-founders' birthdays, and a few of us decided to surprise him. There was a strange familiarity when we all sat down together for the first time. Due to COVID-19, this was one of the groups of people whom I kept in contact with the most." The company is eager for its many new team members to develop close relationships with the existing team.

Making a positive social impact
Sealed’s vision of developing youths and equipping them with workplace-ready skills led them to launch their social impact arm: “Sealed for Success”. It aims to equip youths with workplace competencies via its mentorship, expert coaching and microlearning programmes. The pro-bono mentorship programme matches mentees looking for career guidance or industry advice with mentors who come from a broad variety of industries and experiences.

Last year, Sealed for Success ran a series of webinars spanning various industries in the entrepreneurship and venture capital landscape. Through these initiatives, Sealed for Success hopes to provide youths with career inspiration, exposure, and access to knowledge about the opportunities that lie in various industries.

As a participant in the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT), Sealed Network is excited to onboard more young talent to be a part of a rapidly growing company. 


Website: https://sealed.network/

Published March 2021

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