Employer Spotlight: ATT Systems Group

An IT solutions company with people at its core

ATT Group is a local SME that provides integrated IT solutions to organisations. Specialising in integrated security, traffic, enterprise information management systems, and software development, the organisation has various governmental ministries and hospitals on its list of clients. It has a staff strength of about 180, and more in their overseas subsidiaries. As a company, ATT Systems is all about Creating the Difference through innovative technology. Some of its innovative projects include facial recognition systems with thermal scanners, Automated Visitor Management systems that enhance the management of visitors, and the HazMat Driver Verification System.

Celebrating the Niu Year the New Way

Open communication is key
ATT Group places emphasis on having an open communication and transparent work culture. On top of encouraging employees to share their problems with their managers, this value is also enacted in their office space - the doors to the offices of the Directors are always open, and any employee is welcome to speak to them. This has resulted in trust and bonding among employees. 

ATT Group Company Dinner 2020 (Event was conducted pre-COVID)

As people are the key asset of the company,  ATT Group also makes sure to check in regularly with the other employees and ensure that they are happy with their work situation and provide assistance with any requests employees may have. The management is continuously seeking new ways to enhance the well-being of their employees. “We would constantly have meetings with the HR team to find out any new suggestions that we might have to improve our current working conditions." - Ying Luo, ex-intern.

Having open communication proved to be an important and effective way to keep in touch with employees in the year of 2020, when the pandemic necessitated changes in how people worked. “Throughout the COVID-19 period, my supervisor constantly checked in with me to ensure that I was having no trouble with my workload." Just like Ying Luo, all employees at ATT were being supported through the pandemic. Being an essential service provider, some of the employees such as field engineers and technicians are required to maintain the client’s systems on-site, which include visiting hospitals. Since they were exposed to higher levels of risk, it was essential to the company to ensure that they were given as much support as they could possibly receive. At a time when the supply of face masks and hand sanitisers in shops seemed to be running low, the  management team worked hard to search for suppliers and ensure that they procured an ample supply for their employees. 

Lifting spirits with virtual activities
ATT Group encourages having a healthy work-life balance and would organise various social recreational activities for the employees. During the pandemic, the mental health of the employees was also a key focus of the corporate team. Since its workforce is so diverse, the company recognised that many of their employees would not be able to meet their families back in their home countries. To keep spirits high, ATT Group had to look to new ways of organising its events and celebrations. As such, they conducted a week-long virtual year-end celebration, which consisted of activities, lucky draws and contests. It was also at this event where everybody got to see each other (albeit on a screen) and got to know people from different departments. 

Apart from engaging its employees, ATT Group also invests in learning and development to help employees grow. For example, the HR team regularly searches for online courses, workshops and seminars that may be helpful to employees. Internal newsletters are also sent out monthly to help to keep employees up to date with the happenings in the company. 

FIT Transystems x ATT TraffiComms RXI 2021

“My internship experience was good as I learned a lot from my project manager. I was exposed to a lot of clients and suppliers which helped broaden my technical knowledge beyond my learnings from school. ATT entrusted me with a lot of information and took the time to teach me new skills." - Gary Tan, ex-intern.

Employees with good attitude have a bright future at ATT
When it comes to recruitment, the culture of learning and growth translates into ATT’s main criteria for hires: the candidate should display right attitude, willingness to learn and determination to pick up the skills and specialisations required in the industry. Even with interns, this is taken very seriously, as the company looks to groom young talents to become leaders in the future. For outstanding interns, the company has even put in place a scholarship program.

ATT Group has been on the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) since 2019, and seeks to hire interns with keen interest in the IT solutions industry. 



Website: https://www.attsystemsgroup.com/

Published March 2021

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