Employer Spotlight: ArcLab

Empowering employees to empower customers

As a mobile learning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, ArcLab’s vision is to upskill the world’s deskless workforce through building the world’s simplest learning system. They help companies to create, distribute and track employee training. Backed by the likes of Bisk Ventures, Spaze Ventures and Tinkertanker, ArcLab has grown since its MVP in July 2019, and was recently featured in Holon IQ’s 2020 SE Asia Edtech 50.

ArcLab serves customers in F&B, retail and manufacturing, helping them to build nano learning modules that work within companies’ existing HRMS or LMS. ArcLab’s list of clients includes companies such as Cedele, The Hour Glass and SUTD.

Staying connected while being socially distant
While the company is small, ArcLab is part of a wider community of about 20 people including her investor, Tinkertanker, whom they co-locate with. With various stakeholders involved, communication is key to keeping the company running smoothly. When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, ArcLab overcame communication barriers with a Monday stand up and Friday stand down meeting every week, keeping everyone updated on the company and what other companies are doing. Even during Singapore’s circuit breaker period, ArcLab conducted interesting virtual team building activities that fostered bonding amongst employees and interns. 

ArcLab "Lunch & Learn" at 4Fingers

“In retrospect, my internship in ArcLab was definitely one of the most enriching and unforgettable experiences in my life.” - Kimberly, Product Development Intern

A culture of empowerment
Just as ArcLab seeks to empower its customers with a platform for learning solutions, it also strongly believes in empowering employees to take pride in their work and try things out in their own ways. For the first two years since its inception, ArcLab operated with only its founders and interns, with ArcLab’s first full-timers coming onboard only last August. Therefore, every intern that joins ArcLab does real work. From shipping code to running marketing campaigns, every task the interns take on has actual impact on the company. 

Ex-intern Kimberly experienced just that. She recounts getting “hands-on experience in various aspects of the software development lifecycle process, such as designing software and implementing new features”. Speaking about the leaders, Kimberly observed that “Steven (CTO) and James (CEO) are always there to help and give advice. Not only that, they are also always open to new ideas or suggestions. This enabled (her) to constantly think of ways to improve."

Joanna, also an ex-intern at ArcLab, handled marketing at the company. She points to the trust and encouragement the leaders gave her as what propelled her to create new content for the company. In particular, Joanna brought up her experience co-writing an e-book, ‘A Guide to Nano Learning’ with the Learning Design team. “Being someone who loves to write and design, I enjoyed this entire project as it was very fulfilling to see how it progressed over the weeks and how it eventually came into completion!"

When asked about the recruitment philosophy at ArcLab, CEO James shared, “we bring interns in with the goal that they can be good candidates to come onboard full-time eventually, and hope they view us favourably when considering employment prospects. We don't see them as temporary manpower who are here for the short-term 5 months, but would like to train and develop them for the long term."


ArcLab is a new partner in SGTech’s Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) since 2020, and has been working closely with local institutions to bring in interns.



Website: https://arclab.io/

Published February 2021

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