SGTech’s startup engagement programme. We aim to help startups grow and succeed. To achieve this, we support our startup members in the following areas:

1. Access to tech talent 
2. Business matching
3. Connecting with leaders from Singapore’s tech industry
4. Access to investor/mentor panel

5. Startup members' privileges

We strive to be the connecting platform that connects startups, incubators, venture capitals, accelerators and angel groups to both multinational corporations as well as small and medium enterprises for the purpose of go-to-market, partnerships and investments.  


The Ideal Environment to build your business

Access to tech talent 

SGTech's initiatives aim to build and nurture talents for the technology industry. Learn about the programmes that you can tap on to meet your tech talent needs.

Business matching

To promote productivity and innovation, SGTech aims to help Singapore tech companies to collaborate and establish new partnerships locally and expand overseas. 

Connecting with leaders from Singapore’s tech industry

Get connected with the business leaders of Singapore’s tech community, representing multinational companies, other small and medium enterprises in tech, venture capital, incubators, government agencies and investors for go-to-market, partnerships and investments.

Investor-mentor panel

Our Investor-Mentors come from a diverse group of experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and captains of the IT industry, bringing with them their own unique flavour of skills and knowledge. They have graciously offered their time and effort to help us achieve our goal of nurturing young and exciting start-ups to fruition.
Startup members' privileges
Being a startup member of SGTech entitles you to privileges offered by other members and trade partners. Learn more.