Demystifying Artificial Intelligence & High-Performance Computing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) have become the most prominent buzzwords these days, and many companies are asking how exactly do they impact businesses. This seminar by the AI & HPC Chapter brings together government and industry experts to shed light on what exactly AI & HPC are about, related governance and ethics, and the support ecosystem for businesses.

[Mr Richard Koh, Chairman of SGTech's AI+HPC Chapter welcoming participants and guests to the seminar]

Mr Richard Koh, Chairman of AI & HPC Chapter and Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Singapore, shared the Chapter’s vision and efforts to grow a vibrant local ecosystem. He emphasised it is essential that business leaders are aware of how AI & HPC can propel their organisation and not directly jump onto the bandwagon of adopting these technologies.
Dr Ettikan Karuppiah, Director of Developers Ecosystem at NVIDIA (South East Asia), then offered insights on building ecosystems for innovation. He covered advances in machine learning and deep learning combined with an ever-expanding pool of data which transform processes and workflow across all industries. Relevant applications were also shared.   

[Dr  Ettikan Karuppiah (Left Picture) of NVIDIA, shared different use cases for machine learning and deep learning, as well as applications of AI to non-tech industries such as Cosmetics.  Ms Lee Wan Sie (Right Picture) Director at IMDA continued the seminar with key points on AI's potential impact on the nation, as well as AI Governance]

With this context, the next sharing entailed the following key takeaways for businesses by Ms Lee Wan Sie, Director of Data Innovation Programme Office as well Strategy and Digital Economy at IMDA.

    1. AI as a critical frontier technology can provide immense opportunities.
    2. The Government is committed to developing a vibrant AI ecosystem and AI-enabled economy, including AI talent development.
    3. Accountability in AI is crucial, and this is demonstrated through efforts in pushing for AI Governance (Model AI Governance Framework, Advisory Council and Research Programme).

[Mr Koo Sengmeng (Left Picture) of AI SIngapore communicated the different initiatives in the area of AI capabilities development, such as the AI Apprenticeship Programme.  Mr Alan Davis (Right Picture) Director at NSCC shared the extreme progress of computing, and also the increased availability to non-tech trained users]

In the second half of the seminar, we had Mr Koo Sengmeng and Mr Alan Davis from AI Singapore and National Supercomputing Centre respectively to share on how both are helping businesses to understand and adopt AI as well as HPC. The session wrapped up with an intriguing panel which discussed on sectors where AI & HPC is being applied, common barriers to adopting AI & HPC among SMEs, and impact on businesses if they do not adopt AI & HPC. On governance and ethics surrounding AI, the panel also lent thoughts on how companies can better embrace them.




[The seminar concluded with a Q&A session with the speakers, as well as participants connecting with the experts and industry peers] 

A big thank to you to esteemed speakers and panellists for this insightful afternoon picking up the 101s of AI & HPC!

Published May 2019