Practicle is a Singaporean Edtech company that combines the Science of analytics and the Art of teaching to optimize Singapore Math for primary school students. Through digitization, we collect meaningful performance metrics and use them to personalize learning experiences for students, optimise their practice pathways, and increase learning efficiency.

The science aspect enables a host of additional data to be automatically collected, such as the loci of the answers, as well as the speed and accuracy of the thinking. Backed by such insights, we then apply A.I. to help design a seamless adaptive learning experience that caters to the changing needs of our students in real-time. While the decision-making process is taken care of by technology, we recognize the importance of the human touch as well. The art aspect comes from a teacher’s desire and ability to craft content that will draw out emotions and facilitate understanding in the student, closing the emotional gap.

By additionally applying grounded pedagogical principles in motivation through gamification,  improved learning through distributed practice, and constructivist theories, Practicle aims to achieve perfection in practice for all students.


Mr. Ng Chongming

Published Apr 2019